There is a smarter way to sell...
by making booking more exciting.


Hotels are under pressure to maximise occupancy, but OTAs have increased competition and driven down room rates, training guests to always expect lower rates.


Wynbox allows hotels to offer guests the chance to win their booking for free, making the hotel experience more exciting and maximising occupancy without discounting.

Wynbox is a sales promotion engine, allowing hotels to offer Book-to-Win campaigns.

What is Book-to-Win?

Book-to-Win is a unique way to promote your hotel, where guests book rooms with the chance to instantly win their booking free.





Drive sales without a SALE!

Turn views into bookings with gamification. By offering guests a chance to win, you can quickly move them from the consideration phase to a booking decision.

How it works

Wynbox is delivered as a ‘microsite’ booking engine with minimal integration into your existing site. The microsite is skinned to look like your main site to provide a seamless user experience and you will promote the campaign to your audience. The odds will be displayed to the guest before they book and you determine the odds, for example 1 in 5 which means every 5th room will be free – comparable to a 20% discount. You can switch the campaign on and off as required throughout the year.